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Broken Window? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions Before Having It Repaired

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A broken window can be a big problem to a homeowner for a couple of reasons. It will let air from the outside into your home and increase your energy bills, and it will leave your home vulnerable to burglary since a thief will have easy access to your home. Prior to calling a glass repair company like Griggs & Son Glass & Mirror, you will need to know the answers to these three questions.

What Size Is Your Window?

The glass repair company needs to know the correct size of the window in order to give you an estimate for the repair over the phone. Having the window size on hand will also let them determine if this is a repair that can be done the same day, or if it will require a special order for a custom sized glass. Having the incorrect window size could potentially delay the entire repair process, so it's important that you get it right.

Always measure the height and width of a window based on how much glass is visible within the frame. Watch out for sharp pieces of glass when taking measurements in order to be safe.

How Many Panes Of Glass Are In The Window?

Single pane windows have the easiest kind of glass to repair. Glass that has multiple panes requires a more complicated repair job. Typically, double or triple pane glass requires custom glass to be made, which will take several days to do.

If you're uncertain about how many panes the glass has, inspect the edge of your window where the glass fits into the window frame. If the window has small spacers, it indicates that there are multiple panes in the glass.

Does Every Glass Pane Need Repair?

If only one of the panes of glass shattered, you are in good shape to wait for a glass repair company to fix the problem for you. Your heating and cooling systems will not be compromised that much, and you still have protection from thieves with a single pane of glass in place.

When every pane of glass is broken, you should board your window up. All you need are two thick pieces of plywood that are a little bigger than your window, and some bolts to secure them against the home like a clamp.

The best way to handle a broken window is by asking these 3 important questions to figure out what you need to do.