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Ways To Keep Your Privacy With Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower doors are common in many bathrooms; the doors can make your room look larger, but the privacy offered can leave a bit to be desired. Most families share the bathroom, and lack of privacy can create a real problem. However, there are certain design elements that can add privacy where there once was none.

Add a Shower Curtain

Even if you have a glass door installed, a shower curtain can (inexpensively) offer some privacy. Installation doesn't take much effort, and it allows you to quickly change the color scheme of the room. Place the spring rod inside the glass shower door, and attach the curtain with clips or hooks. When opening the door, simply push the curtain aside. If you prefer the look of clear glass, you can easily remove the curtain when your needs change.

Window Decals

Decals and window clings can quickly and easily give you the privacy you want, and these decals are widely available. You can find different designs at home improvement, auto parts and craft stores, and if you buy enough, you can have almost total privacy. These decals are removable, and they come off without damaging the glass underneath.

New Door Installation

If you need a bathroom makeover and you can afford it, obscured, patterned or frosted glass can give you the privacy you need and the look you want. Frosted and patterned glass shower doors offer modern design, and can be found in styles to suit any bathroom's décor.

Window Films

If you want more privacy but are on a budget, consider installing window film. It's like wallpaper for glass panels, and it can instantly change the look of the entire room. Window films come in multiple sizes, and you can easily cut it to fit.

Folding Screens

If your room is sufficiently large, consider placing a folding screen in front of your shower enclosure. The best thing about this option is its portability; you can add or remove the screen depending on that day's needs. A classic Japanese folding screen can give your bathroom a spa feel, while letting plenty of light through.

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Glass shower door installation can give your bathroom a more open, airy feel, but if you share the room with other family members it can be difficult to protect your privacy. By considering the options above, you can share the bathroom while keeping peace within the family.