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Mobile Windshield Replacement Tips

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A broken windshield on your vehicle requires a prompt repair. If you don't have time to take your car in, mobile glass replacement is a viable option. A technician can replace any window, whether it's front, rear or side, at the location of your choice. The following guide can help you prepare for your on-site glass replacement, and care for the new glass afterwards.

#1: Verify Coverage and Payment

You need to make sure that the mobile repair service accepts your insurance, if the repair is covered by your policy. You also need to know the method used to cover the repair. In some instances the repair shop directly bills your insurance, while in other instances you may need to pay for the repair out of pocket and then your insurance will reimburse you. Also, make sure you are aware of any deductibles you may owe. If the repair isn't covered by insurance, verify the total charge and the payment method in advance.

#2: Prepare Your Car

It's a good idea to prep your car before the repair technician arrives. Remove any valuables from the car. This is especially important if you will be parking your car in an exposed area while waiting for the tech, since you don't want to invite theft or further vandalism. If you had the window covered in plastic or taped, remove this before your tech arrives. It's also a good idea to park out and away from other vehicles if possible. This will give your tech plenty of room to work on your car.

#3: Check Into Safety

The repair shop should provide you with the technician's name so that you can verify their identity when they arrive to repair your window. Make sure to check the tech's ID, just to be safe. Some companies may even offer to email you a profile of the tech, including a photograph and the credentials of the tech. Do not turn your keys over to anyone until you are sure they are from the glass company.

#4: Follow Directions

After installation, there will be tape around the edges. Leave this tape in place for the amount of time that your tech advises. This tape is helping to secure the glass as the window adhesive dries. Also, don't wash the car for a few days, and try to park under cover if rain is expected. It's also a good idea to avoid slamming car doors or driving on rough roads for the first few days after replacement. You don't want to shake the glass loose before the adhesive has time to cure completely.

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