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Check Your Windows Before Old Man Winter Steps Through Your Door

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Old man winter is on his way and it won't be long until he gets to you. For this reason, it is time inspect your windows to make sure they are in good shape. If not, your house will not stay warm, and your heating bill will go up due to the warm air escaping your home.   

Weather Stripping

The weather stripping around your windows acts as a seal so no air can get in or out. Over time, the weather stripping starts to break down, and eventually comes loose completely. Inspect the weather stripping around all of your windows. If you find any that are cracked or missing, you need to remove it so you can put some new stripping in its place.

Some common types of weather stripping you will find include:

Adhesive-Backed Tape or Foam

Adhesive-backed tape or foam is made from sponge rubber, rubber, or foam. It is self-adhesive so it is easy to remove and install. Simply cut the tape to the desired length, peel the backing off, and stick it in place.


Felt weather stripping is reinforced with a metal strip or plain. It is sold in rolls that have to be cut to length. It is tacked or stapled onto the window.

Vinyl Gaskets

This type of weather stripping is small tubes of vinyl that can be used as weather stripping for both windows and doors. This stripping is either stapled or tacked to hold in place.


V-strip weather stripping is a long strip that is folded shape of a V and is generally made of vinyl or metal. This weather stripping has an adhesive back. It is cut to the desired length and stuck in place.

Replacement Windows

If you have not changed your windows in some time, this would be a good time to replace them. You will know that you need new windows if you have any condensation on them when there is a frost outside. The glass will also feel cold when you touch it in the winter. Windows today are much more energy efficient.

Many older windows were made with single panes. The newer windows have double panes, which lock out the cool air, as well as moisture.

You can choose double hung windows, which have operable lower and upper sashes. You can lower the top sash while leaving the bottom sash closed or the other way around. Some double hung windows have sashes that tilt inward. There are also single hung windows where only the lower sash opens or closes. 

Contact a window dealer (such as one from Five Star Windows Inc) to learn about the different types of windows that are available for you home.