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How To Protect Your Windshield

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Your windshield is pretty tough, and yet it is still one of the more fragile parts of your vehicle. It is always vulnerable to chips, cracks, and other damage. While you cannot ensure that your windshield is never damaged, you can lower the risk of serious problems by taking common sense precautions. 


Extreme temperatures can put a strain on both sides of your windshield. Try keeping the car inside the garage whenever you can. If parking your car inside isn't possible, park in the shade during the summer, especially on particularly hot days. If your windshield is already damaged, wild swings in temperature can make a crack or chip spread, so avoid turning the AC or heater on high. When the temperature changes quickly, damage is more likely.


Once your windshield has a crack or chip, sudden jolts can make them spread. Avoid potholes, and refrain from slamming the car doors. If you have a fabulous sound system, keep the volume low and the bass at a moderate level to avoid vibrating the windshield. All of these things can make a small opening turn into a large break that will make your car undrivable. 


You can reduce the chance of windshield damage by driving defensively. You should keep your distance from any truck that is carrying "open" cargo. Bits of wood and chunks of gravel can easily fly out of the bed of a truck and chip your vehicle's glass. If you end up near farm equipment, the same thing applies. Stay back until you have a clear and easy route around the offending vehicle, one that keeps you far from the rear of the machinery or truck bed. 


Before your windshield incurs any damage, you can apply a protective windshield coating. This material makes your windshield resistant to items flying off the road or from another vehicle. Your windshield will be harder to scratch, chip, or crack. The coating will also keep the glass looking new and more attractive. As a bonus, the coating also lessens glare at night and makes the windshield easier to clean. 

Once your windshield has damage, you should promptly get it fixed. Until you do, take extra precautions and do not put excess strain on the glass. Avoid extreme temperature shifts and consider a protective coating. Remember, a quality glass repair company can come to your location to fix many cracks and chips, so give them a call before the situation worsens.