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How Safe Is Shower Glass? Answers To Allay Your Fears

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Many shower enclosures appear to be made of glass. While the doors are classy looking, you feel worried about the safety of glass. After all, glass does not always bear up under pressure, and there is always the chance you could slip and fall in the shower. However, glass shower enclosures are a lot safer than you think. If you want further proof of how safe glass showers are, check out the following.

​Shower Glass Is Laminated Safety Glass

At some point you have probably seen a movie sequence where the person taking a shower falls through the glass and is tragically injured. That actually cannot happen, at least in any enclosure built in the last 30 years. That is because shower glass is now made from thick laminated safety glass, the same stuff that is used in your front windshield of your car. If your full weight did smack into a panel of your shower, at most it would only crack in a spider web pattern. At the least, no real damage would be done at all, at least not to the glass. You might have a few painful injuries, such as a good bump on the head or a sprained wrist from trying to catch yourself in a wet, slippery shower.

The Glass Door Is Nothing to Worry about Either

If you have a glass shower door as well, there is really nothing to worry about there either. The biggest reason why glass shower doors do not lock and always open outward is to prevent injury from hitting the glass. Even now, when there is so little chance of you cutting yourself on any glass after hitting part of your shower enclosure or door, glass shower doors still open outward. If you fall into the door, you are more likely to hurt yourself when you hit the floor after falling through the doorway as the shower door opens to let you fall. The only shower doors anyone should worry about anymore are the ones that are on sliding tracks, and even those are hard to break because of their track frames.

​Still Worried? Try Fake Glass Instead

If you are still worried about the laminated glass and slipping and falling in the shower, try fake glass instead. This is acrylic glass made from clear plastic. It looks just like real glass, but there is no way any sort of fall will ever do it any damage.