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3 Circumstances Where Your Window Would Need To Be Replaced

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Good windows are an important part of any home. Many people think that their windows will last them for years and don't think they need to be replaced often. This can be dangerous for the house, and can be very expensive for you in the long run. This is why it is better to keep an eye on your windows to make sure that they are in tip-top shape and don't need any replacing. Here are 3 circumstances where your windows would need to be replaced.

1. The House Has Settled

Many times a new home will settle over time. If this happens you might notice that your windows aren't closing well or that when they are open the doors tends to swing. This is because when the contractor designed the home and the window, they placed the window in the panel based on the measurements at that time. When a house settles, the panels shift so that the window no longer fits properly. This can mean that air passes through the windows or even that the windows no longer secure the house from intruders. If you know that your house has settled, you need to check the windows for problems.

2. Moisture Has Crept Into The Panels

Another sign that you have a problem is that there is a cloudy look between the panels of the window. When a window is working properly, all the layers should be sealed so that nothing can creep in. If you see any kind of moisture, dirt, bugs or anything else in between the two panels, then you know you have a problem. This not only ruins the look of the windows but means that the window is letting in air and not sealing the temperature of your house. These windows should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. The Windows Feel Cold

Your windows act as a protection from the weather outside. When working properly, you windows should not let in any kind of air or change in temperature. Thus, if your windows feel cold, then this means that the windows are no longer serving their purpose. This will cause your HVAC system to be overworked as it tries to compensate for the poor insulation. This will mean that your utility bills will be far more expensive than they should be.

By paying close attention to your windows, you can ensure that your windows are working in your favor. Contact a window contractor like A-1 Glass Co Inc to see what windows you need to replace in your home.