Auto Glass: Fix or Replace?

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How Safe Is Shower Glass? Answers To Allay Your Fears

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Many shower enclosures appear to be made of glass. While the doors are classy looking, you feel worried about the safety of glass. After all, glass does not always bear up under pressure, and there is always the chance you could slip and fall in the shower. However, glass shower enclosures are a lot safer than you think. If you want further proof of how safe glass showers are, check out the following. Read More»

Why You Should Install A Screened-In Patio Enclosure When You Have Cats

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If you are a cat owner, then you might like to do what you can to accommodate the feline members of your family. You might have bought a scratching post and tons of toys, but one thing that you might not have thought about is installing a screened-in patio enclosure. Not only can the human members of your family enjoy the enclosure, but your felines can as well. These are a few reasons why. Read More»

Choosing The Best Window Glass For Different Sides Of Your Home

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There are so many options to consider when buying new glass for your residential windows. Different types of glass perform differently and affect the climate in your home in different ways. Plus, you need to think about the direction the windows face. You may need different types of glass on different sides of your house. Here’s a look at some possible options. North Windows North windows usually get the least amount of sun, so this is a good side for installing less expensive glass to save money. Read More»