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Window Replacement Project Add-Ons That Boost Curb Appeal

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If it's time to replace your windows through Victorville Glass Co Inc, you might want to incorporate some curb appeal add-ons into your window replacement project that will enhance your home's appearance.

Looking for ideas? The following are some eye-catching window features that can drastically improve the look of a home's facade. 

Have window boxes installed

Windows boxes overflowing with colorful blossoms are perhaps the most charming possible feature on residential windows. Window boxes are relatively quick and easy to install, and they instantly add a great deal of color to your home's facade during the spring and summer.

You can choose window boxes of iron or copper if you'd like to go for a traditional look. Painted wood is another option. Put some thought into your home's color scheme to determine what color window box would best complement the scene in your front yard. 

Add shutters

Like window boxes, shutters add charm to a home and have an old-fashioned, vintage appeal. Not only can shutters add color, but they can also give a sense of layers and dimension to your home's facade.

Shutters are not only added to homes for aesthetics, but they can also help to manage light and ventilation. They come in a wide variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, or vinyl. 

Consider interior window treatments

In many homes, interior window treatments such as curtains and drapes are visible from the outside. If you're replacing your windows, your window treatments might become even more apparent thanks to the sparkling new transparency of your replacement windows. If you want to perfect the look of your home's exterior, you need to pay attention to small details like this.

Pick curtains that come in a color that goes with your home's exterior paint. Even if your curtains aren't visible from outside, your blinds or shades probably will be. Consider purchasing new blinds or shades if your old window treatments are just as badly in need of replacement as your windows. 

Add some lighting features

Don't overlook curb appeal at nighttime. Lighting features in and around the home can showcase your beautiful new windows.

You can choose yard lights for the exterior of your home or you can add some nighttime charm to your windows with electric candles. Another option is wall-mounted lantern lights that can be placed on the sides of your windows and doors to provide both illumination and spotlights for the focal points of your home's facade.