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Three Ways To Give The Exterior Of Your Business A Makeover

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Sometimes, a dull or old building can deter customers from your business. Giving your building a new look can make your business seem fresh and appealing to potential customers passing by. Use these ideas to help you find inspiration as you consider the many ways to redecorate the exterior of your building.

Replace Your Windows

Replace your old, worn-looking windows and trim with new ones. Talk to your commercial glass services expert about different looks and design trends that can give the exterior of your building a style boost. If you run a retail store, consider different ways you can incorporate large display windows in the front of your store, which let you display your latest products to people passing by. For restaurants and pubs, think about adding windows that open out onto the street, so diners can get the feeling of eating outside even if you don't have a patio.

Create An Outdoor Seating Area

Invite people to lounge and relax in front of your business by creating an outdoor seating area. A few benches, a beautiful flower bed and an awning for shade help you to make an inviting spot where clients can meet with your staff outside or where your employees can enjoy a refreshing coffee break outside. This outdoor seating arrangement also makes the exterior of your business look like more than just a plain office building. Add a few recycling bins and waste receptacles to encourage visitors to keep the area neat and tidy.

Repave Your Sidewalk

Old or cracked concrete sidewalks can impact the way your business looks to the public. Consider having your sidewalks replaced with fresh concrete slabs or with concrete pavers that give your sidewalk the look of tile. Have a landscaper add beautiful flowers to line one or both sides of the walkway to give the exterior of your business a professional, well-manicured look. If you have a parking lot, consider having it repaved as well. If the cost of repaving the parking lot is too great, you can still give it a fresh appearance by repainting the lines for each parking spot.

The exterior of your business is the first thing people see as they approach the building. Be sure you are putting your best foot forward by creating a store front or office exterior that tells potential customers that you have an eye for detail. Use these ideas or come up with your own to create a stunning makeover for your business.