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Ask Your Store's Landlord To Call A Window Washer If The Fire Sprinklers Go Off

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Fire sprinklers are installed in commercial buildings to reduce how much damage fires cause. When there's a fire in a building, they can save both lives and property. If they accidentally discharge, though, they can create a huge mess. If you own a store in a commercial building and the fire sprinkler system accidentally goes off, you'll likely want to ask the building owner to cover the cost of damaged inventory. You should also, however, ask them to pay for a glass cleaner to come if your store has a glass storefront. Here's why.

Fire Sprinklers Damage Glass

The water in fire sprinkler systems isn't pure water. There are minerals in it that will damage glass if they're left on it. They not only leave an unsightly residue on the glass, but they'll eat away at panes of glass if they aren't cleaned off.

Thus, if the fire sprinkler system in your building accidentally discharges, it will spray harmful chemicals on your storefront's glass doors and windows.

Storefronts Should Be Professionally Cleaned

Even if you have employees regularly clean the storefront as part of their normal duties, all glass that's sprayed with water from a fire sprinkler should be professionally cleaned. While employees may be able to make the glass look clean, few stores have the same tools that professional glass cleaning companies use.

Without these tools, it may be difficult -- or impossible -- to get all of the minerals out from the edges of the glass panes. Even if just a few minerals are left at the edge of the glass panes, they could eat away at the glass. Over time, this could loosen a pane of glass, as the glass is being eaten away where it meets the seal. If the glass gets too loose, it could leak water or possibly even shift in its frame.

Your Landlord Should Be Willing to Call a Glass Cleaner

If the discharge of water came from an accidental misfire of the sprinkler system, your landlord should be willing to pay for a glass cleaner to come and wash your storefront. It's their system that malfunctioned, after all. They're responsible for maintaining it.

Unless your store's property manager mentions that they've already called a service to come and clean your storefront, though, you should ask them to. In fact, you may want to suggest that the other stores with glass storefronts in your building do the same. It's a reasonable request, but you may have to ask to get them to call a company.

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