Auto Glass: Fix or Replace?

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Should I Buy A Used Car With A Damaged Windshield?

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When you're in the market for a used car, you can expect for it to have a few minor issues. Where does a cracked or pitted windshield fall on the list of expected problems? Here is some information to help you evaluate a used car with a broken windshield.

What Type of Crack Is It?

When you are assessing the significance of your windshield damage, the first thing that you'll need to evaluate is the severity of the issue. Some windshield cracks can be accepted without much safety hazard, while others run the risk of spreading and becoming a big issue. 

If the auto glass is simply pitted so that there's an indent no bigger than a quarter, there are some simple fixes that you can consider, such as using an epoxy or glue to hold the piece together. Small cracks may not be a big issue, either. It's when you have a combination crack where the hole is bigger than a few inches that it becomes a problem. This is when you should take the issue up with a specialist in auto glass replacement in order to see how much it will cost to fix. 

Why Did it Crack?

Another thing to consider is why the auto glass cracked. Sometimes, a broken windshield that hasn't been repaired can give you deeper clues as to the condition of the car. Some cracks are complete accidents, but others can be due to mishandling of the car; for instance, if the owner poured hot water on the windshield to clear the ice and the windshield broke, then you may be dealing with an owner that has done other self fixes that hurt the car. If the windshield has been broken for a long time, it speaks to the previous owner's stance on repairs and maintenance. 

Will They Help Me Fix It?

Finally, when you're considering buying the car despite a cracked windshield, you may want to ask if the seller will help you pay for a windshield repair. These repairs typically cost a few hundred dollars if you don't have comprehensive auto insurance. 

In short, a faulty piece of auto glass doesn't always have to be a deal-breaker when you're looking at buying a used car. It pays to have the windshield evaluated by a professional windshield replacement specialist to see if there is a quick and easy fix to the problem.