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Remove And Replace A Cracked Piece Of Glass In A Window With Multiple Panes

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If a piece of glass inside of the multi-paned window in your home has a crack in it, restore the beauty of the window and avoid being accidentally cut by the damaged glass by removing the pane that is cracked and replacing it by completing the steps below.


  • masking tape
  • cloths
  • work gloves
  • towel
  • small hammer
  • putty knife
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • cleaning agent
  • ruler
  • replacement pane
  • tube of glazing putty

Remove The Cracked Pane

Put two strips of masking tape across the cracked pane so that they form an "X". The tape will help hold the glass inside of the frame once it is tapped with a hammer. As a precaution, lay a cloth outdoors, underneath the window, just in case some pieces of glass fly outwards when the pane is tapped.

Put a pair of work gloves on to protect your hands from any sharp pieces of glass. Use a small hammer to tap the glass several times from the inside. Remove pieces of glass by hand and wrap them up in a cloth or towel before disposing of them. 

Eliminate Old Putty And Remove Glazing Points, Clean The Frame

Loosen and remove old putty from inside the frame with the tip of a putty knife. Use the putty knife to remove the glazing points from the windows frame, as well. To do this, insert the tip underneath each point to loosen it and pull them all out by hand. Use an all-purpose cleaning agent and a stiff-bristled scrub brush to clean the inside of the frame. Afterwards, dry the frame's interior with a lint-free cloth.

Secure The Replacement Piece Of Glass

Purchase a glass pane that is the same size as the other ones in the multi-paned window. Insert the tip of a tube of glazing putty inside the frame where the replacement piece of glass will be secured and emit an even line of the product in each side of the frame. Place the glass pane inside of the frame and gently press against it to help it to adhere.

Insert a glazing point in each side of the window. Tap the back of each point with a hammer until they are all flush with the frame that surrounds the replacement pane. Once the glazing putty has had plenty of time to dry, the window can be opened and closed and the replacement pane will remain intact. 

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