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Adding Stained Glass: What You Need

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If you are not happy with how a window looks, consider whether a stained glass replacement would liven up your room. Not only does stained glass add a lot of color to your home, but it also changes the color of the lighting that enters your home. There are several items you need to do this.

Combination Pliers

Make sure that you have the right supplies before you begin creating your stained glass window. This can include a pencil, metal ruler, white patter paper, and some permanent markers. You will need both grozing and breaking pliers. Fortunately, there are combination pliers that can fulfill both purposes. The combination pliers also allow you to break glass and correct undesirable glass shards. 


If there is a surface that you would like to solder, you will need to use flux. This is a chemical that will clean the surface to allow for soldering. Use a disposable brush to paint the flux onto the surface.

Other Tools

Other essentials include a:

  • Glass grinder
  • Safety glasses
  • Soldering iron
  • Project patterns
  • Automatic-oiling glass cutter

Each of these items will make your job easier.

Smooth, Clear Glass

Your two options will be colored or clear glass. For your first stained glass project, it is better to use clear glass because it is less expensive. However, in the future, colored glass can allow you to be much more creative with your projects. Smooth glass is also much easier to work with than textured glass and is recommended for those creating stained glass the first time.

A Stained Glass Professional

If you are creating stained glass for the first time, you will want to start off very simple. This will make it easier to learn and will make it less likely that you will make a mistake. Try making some small pieces before you try to tackle more complex pieces. Smaller pieces make it easier to get a sense of how your stained glass will fit together. If you do not feel like learning how to create stained glass, it may make sense to instead hire a professional who can create the exact design that you are looking for. If you are unsure about whether you can communicate the type of glass window that you would like, it may be helpful to look up pictures of stain glass windows that match what you dream of.

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