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Why You Should Install A Screened-In Patio Enclosure When You Have Cats

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If you are a cat owner, then you might like to do what you can to accommodate the feline members of your family. You might have bought a scratching post and tons of toys, but one thing that you might not have thought about is installing a screened-in patio enclosure. Not only can the human members of your family enjoy the enclosure, but your felines can as well. These are a few reasons why.

Allow Them to Enjoy Nature

For one thing, if your cats are like many, they might like looking outside during the day. After all, many indoor cats do like looking at birds, squirrels, and other wildlife and may just enjoy looking at what is going on outside. By installing a screened-in patio enclosure, you can provide them with a safe place to enjoy some fresh air and the views of the outdoors.

Find a New Spot for Your Litter Boxes

Dealing with litter boxes is not the most pleasant part of cat ownership. You might not have a lot of space in your home for the litter boxes, and you might see them as an eyesore. You might also be concerned about the smell, which can still be present even if you clean them out often. If you install a screened-in patio enclosure and put in a cat door so that your cats can get to and from the litter boxes easily, you can get them out of your home but still make sure that they are easily accessible for your cats. Plus, screens can help with airing out some of the odor that goes along with litter boxes.

Have a Safe Area to Put Them When Necessary

At times, you may find that it's necessary for you to remove your cats from your home. If you have a family member who is visiting and who is allergic to cats, for example, you could be wondering about what you can do to accommodate this. If you're having work done in your home, you could be worried about your cats slipping out of a door when people are coming in and out. By installing a screened-in patio enclosure, you will have a place to confine your cats to in these types of situations and more.

As you can see, there are various reasons why a screened-in patio enclosure can be a good investment when you have cats. If you work with the right contractor, he or she can help you with planning this project.