Auto Glass: Fix or Replace?

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Got Chips? 4 Reasons To Repair Your Windshield Right Away

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If your recent drive resulted in a chipped windshield, you're not alone. Many motorists find their windshield shields chipped by flying debris from the roadway. While those small chips in your windshield may seem like a nuisance, they're actually much more than that. They're potential obstructions to your field of view. If you're thinking of leaving your chips where they are, here are four reasons why you need to have them repaired instead.

1.  Chips Don't Stay Small

One of the problems with small chips is that they don't stay that size forever. Exposure to extreme temperatures and the pressure that's placed on your windshield as you drive can make those small chips to expand into something much worse.

Over time, those small chips develop cracks from all directions. You can make sure those chips don't have the chance to turn into cracks by taking care of the repairs as soon as possible.

2.  Keeps Your Repair Costs Low

When it comes to the costs of repairing a damaged windshield, you're much better off repairing chips while they're small. The longer you take to have the damage repaired, the costlier the venture will be.

That's because large chips and cracks are more difficult to repair, which means they'll take more out of your budget. Not only that, but small repairs allow your windshield to maintain its structural stability, which means you'll continue to reap the benefits of a strong windshield.

3.  Helps You Avoid Replacement

If you wait too long to take care of those small chips, you run the risk of having to have the windshield replaced. That's because significant damage can't be safely repaired.

Unfortunately, replacing a windshield is much more expensive than simply repairing small chips. Not only that, but when you replace a windshield, you run the risk that it won't fit as securely as it should. Avoid the cost of replacement by having those small chips repaired immediately.

4.  Protects the Value of Your Car

If you plan to trade your car in soon or sell it through a private party transaction, you need to repair the chips in your windshield. Damage to your windshield, even minor chips, can significantly reduce the value of your car, which means you won't be able to get the full price when you sell it or trade it in. You can protect the value of your car by seeing to those auto glass repairs as quickly as possible.