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What To Expect From A Commercial Window Film Service

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Window film is useful for a variety of reasons. It can reinforce your windows, protecting your clients and employees in the event of high winds. It can also provide protection from the sun's ultraviolet rays. When it comes to installing window film, you should leave it to the professionals. A commercial window film service can complete the job quickly and efficiently. Here's what will happen when you hire such a service:

1. Professionals will arrive at your location.

When the appointed day arrives, installation professionals from the commercial window film service will arrive at your office. As long as there's adequate room to work, other people may be present in the office as well, so you don't have to worry about scheduling the installation for after hours. 

2. Professionals will clean your windows.

Any dirt or smudges present on your windows will show through the window film. In order to get the nicest finish possible, the people installing your window film will first thoroughly clean your windows. Cleaning will also help the window film adhere better, since the oils from fingerprints may interfere with the adhesive's ability to stick. You don't have to worry about supplying cleaning materials; the professionals from the commercial window film service will bring their own supplies.

3. Professionals will spray your windows with a special solution.

In order for the adhesive on commercial window film to stick, it first needs to be dampened. Your window film installers will accomplish this by misting your windows with a special solution designed for this purpose. They will cover your windows in a fine, even layer to ensure that the adhesive is fully activated along the entire film.

4. Professionals will apply the window film.

Finally, the window film must be applied. This is a job that is usually performed by more than one person simultaneously since the installers need to make sure the window film does not stick to itself. You may see several people holding the window film as it's applied. Once it's pressed to the window, pressure will be applied using squeegees. This ensures that the window film sticks. After application, any excess film will be trimmed away.

5. Bubbles and bumps will be evened out.

Window film should look as though it's part of your window. In order to accomplish this, your installers need to remove any visible air pockets. They will use their squeegees to smooth out bumps and eradicate air bubbles. When they've finished this process, your window film installation is complete.

Contact a commercial window film company in order to learn more.