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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider UV-Resistant Glass For Your Business

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When you run your own business, you have tons of decisions to make already — struggling over what to choose for glass windows or doors shouldn't be one of them. Here's an easy decision to make: choose UV-resistant glass for whatever glass applications your business needs. Not sure why? Here are three good reasons to do so.

Prevents Discoloration

One of the things that UV-resistant glass will help to protect your business from is discoloration — the sun bleaching effect, to be precise.

UV rays are ultimately responsible for things like products and furniture becoming sun-bleached or yellowed. When you cut down on the amount of UV radiation that items in your business are exposed to, it greatly lengthens the amount of time they have before they start to fade and lose color. This can help you to not replace storefront displays as often, and it gives a generally fresher and more appealing appearance to your business.

Safer for Skin

UV radiation is, quite clearly, bad for your skin. You might think that you're safe indoors, but you're not. UVA radiation is able to penetrate through windows with ease, increasing your risk of developing skin damage, skin cancer, and premature skin aging. Think about yourself and your workforce on this one: you and they will both be better off if you choose UV-resistant glass.

Safer for Eyes

Finally, UV radiation is also dangerous for your eyes, especially if your workforce is already looking at computer screens while they're working.

UV radiation and blue light - which is emitted by most computer screens - can wreak havoc together. UV radiation is bad for eyes and can increase the risk of developing macular degeneration later in life, which is a leading cause of blindness. Unfortunately, blue light can increase this risk, too. So if you or your workforce look at computers with broad daylight streaming in through the windows, you're doubling your risk of developing problems with your eyes later on.

While limiting blue light is easy with apps or screen filters, cutting down on UV radiation coming in through your windows is more difficult. Rather than buying blinds and utilizing indoor lights to bypass the UV radiation, just choose UV-resistant glass that will constantly cut down the amount while allowing you to utilize daylight to its full extent.

UV-resistant glass can greatly cut down how much UVA radiation makes it through to you and your workforce, as well as your products or displays. Make the healthy, smart choice and choose UV-resistant glass to avoid these problems.

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